"Make your dream home come true"

Luxury Home customization

For housing, everyone has their own individual needs, especially for high-end customers.


Jino Australia will help you choose the land that suits you from Melbourne's high-quality communities, and tailor your favorite luxury home for you.

We will help you perform feasibility analysis of land selection (land location, transportation, education, medical care and surrounding facilities, etc.), planning and design (choose architectural style, match suitable room types, determine a full set of internal configuration and decoration standards, indoor Design, outdoor design and garden landscape design), engineering construction (bidding, signing construction contracts, supervising the whole process of engineering construction) and handling various procedures. We will provide you with a package of turnkey projects. With the professional services of Jinnuo Real Estate, the process of building a house will no longer be complicated.

Fully customized luxury homes

The full service provided by Jino Australia runs through the entire project development cycle, providing customers with the best overall and continuous experience

1. Acquire land:

  • According to customer requirements, recommend suitable plots for customers and take them on site

  • Arrange a transfer lawyer to assist clients in applying for FIRB approval (if necessary)

  • Assist customers in obtaining land, sign land purchase contracts, and assist in land delivery procedures

2. Planning and design:

  • According to the specific needs of the customer, determine the design specification, determine the architectural style, room type, interior decoration standards, etc., determine the designer to complete all relevant designs and apply for planning permits.

  • Assist clients in signing construction contracts.

  • Guide customers to make payments and assist in bank loans (if needed)

3. Project construction and management:

  • Organize and complete project bidding.

  • Sign a construction contract.

  • Choose a supervisor and apply for a work permit.

  • Supervision and management of the whole construction process.

  • Obtain a house permit

4. Completion:

  • Take the customer to do the house inspection before handing over the house and help the customer to go through the house delivery procedures

  • Arrange house rental management procedures for clients (if necessary)

  • Help customers with insurance

  • Assist customers to open bank accounts

  • Arrange accountants to handle investment tax filing procedures for clients