​Real estate development investment and management

Jino advantages 


Development experience and professionalism

Jino Real Estate has more than 20 years of real estate development and management experience. We have the most professional management team, from project feasibility study, land acquisition, product positioning and planning and design, development procedures, project sales control and loan processing, project bidding and project management, all the way to project acceptance and delivery, providing management, Consultation, supervision and assistance. We have a sound management and control system to avoid project risks and ensure the maximization of profits.

Marketing Planning

Good products need good packaging and promotion. Our marketing planning team has a keen sense of smell and forward-looking vision, accurately positioning products, integrating various resources, and coming up with effective planning packaging sales promotion plans to ensure timely sales of projects And deliver the money back.

Cost Control

With years of experience accumulated in Australian real estate development practice, Jino Real Estate has established a strong database related to the government, cooperative units, suppliers, etc.; for every cost in the development process, it can be as large as construction costs and small to sporadic expenses. We will conduct careful analysis and comparison to get the most favorable price in the fastest time, achieve optimal control and payment, and fully control the cost of the entire development process.

Full participation and financial security

According to the specific situation of each project, we have a variety of investment or cooperation methods for selection and reference. Investors/owners are in full control of the investment, and Jino does not handle any funds. The whole process is transparently managed, investors/owners participate in the decision-making of important nodes in the project development process, and follow up the progress of the project anytime and anywhere.

Building a data platform and share informations

In Jino Real Estate, investors/owners are not just investment projects. We will regularly organize various activities and seminars to provide investors/owners with various value-added services, so that you can gradually understand Australian life, adapt to Australian life, and enjoy Australian life.

Development Process

Early stage of development

Project Feasibility Analysis


Land Purchase 


Planning Drawing & Permits