Lease Management Service

Lease Management Service

We provide services such as property management, interior decoration design, cleaning and maintenance

We will put our customer in the first place. Committed to providing customers with services higher than industry standards, the direct operation model ensures our consistent and excellent service level.


Interior decoration design renovation

The rental and sale of old houses often encounter difficulties. Due to the aging of the interior decoration and the old layout, the value is seriously underestimated. Therefore, interior design and renovation is a value-added service we provide to investors and landlords.

Designer Jane Jiang is an honorary graduate of the Art Department of the University of Melbourne. Every design is unique. After accepting the landlord’s entrustment, through accurate market research and interior style surveys, after considering various factors such as light and shadow effects, color matching, interior space, and customer budget and needs, we reset the house to a new style of livable residence , Improve its success rate and return on renting or selling.

Airbnb Homestay Management

Homestay operation is one of our professional services, and we are committed to solving two major problems for landlords and investors. One is the difficulty of renting in the off-season, the vacancy rate is high, and the rent is underestimated; the second is the realization of resort-style real estate investment, because the operation of homestays is settled on a daily basis and is not subject to long-term lease contracts.

Many overseas investors have the need for timeshare vacations when investing in real estate in Australia. The operation of homestays meets the vacation needs of such investors without affecting the rental rate of return.

In addition, Australia’s traditional off-season rentals are often peak tourist seasons such as Christmas, Easter, and school summer vacations. The operation of homestays cleverly solves the problem of high vacancy rates in the off-season rentals and effectively increases the overall rental return of houses.