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About Jino Australia​

As a professional real estate investment development and management company in Melbourne, Jino Australia has focused on providing comprehensive real estate investment development management services for Australian residents and overseas investors for many years.

The main business includes real estate development investment and management, luxury home customization, construction, real estate sales, and property management

Entrepreneurship: Professional, dedicated, innovative, happy

Corporate Vision: To help Chinese who come to Australia to adapt to Australian life, integrate into Australian life, and enjoy Australian life.

Marketing strategy: "You have nothing but I have, you have my advantage, you have an advantage and I am cheap, if you are cheap I will go"

We are committed to finding market segments and digging out products that are loved by undeveloped customer groups in mature regions. At the same time, in similar products, based on the team’s 20 years of real estate development and management experience and team members’ comprehensive financial feasibility analysis behind each project, the accurate positioning of the product is carried out, and the product differentiation is highlighted in order to achieve project profits. maximize.

Jino Head Office

03 9803 9422

290 Blackburn Rd,
Glen Waverley VIC 3150

​Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Parking located at the back of the building

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